driving lessons instructor
driving lessons instructor
driving lessons instructor
driving lessons instructor
Pre test: - 
On the day of your test you will have an hour’s drive with your instructor before the test. We will stop 15 minutes before the start of your test. We will then go through all your show me/tell me questions one final time. This is a good time to have a drink and get out of the car to have a little break. 5 minutes from test start time we will drive into the test centre car park. There are toilet facilities at the test centre so this gives you enough time if you require them. 
Meeting your examiner: - 
The test will begin when your examiner walks into the waiting room and calls your name out. They will ask to check both parts of your licence (without these you wouldn't be able to take your test). You will then be asked to sign an insurance declaration that states that you are entitled to drive our cars. The examiner will then ask you if you would like your instructor to sit in the back of the car during your test. This is entirely your choice. Speak to your instructor before the test to decide if you want them there. You will then go out to the car park where you will then do your eyesight check. You must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. You will then do your show me/tell me questions. Once these have been done you will then do the driving part of your test. 
On the test:- 
The driving test will last for approximately 40 minutes and will include the following conditions 
- Urban roads and back roads 
- Main roads possibly of a higher speed limit 
- Dual carriageways up to national speed limit (70mph) 
- Country roads up to national speed limit (60mph) 
- You will only be expected to do 1 of the set piece manoeuvres 
Turn in the road 
Left reverse 
Reverse park- either in a car park into a parking bay or on the road behind a parked vehicle 
- 1 in 3 tests will have to perform an emergency stop 
- 10 minutes of independent driving 
- At several points during the test you will be asked to park in a safe place and then simply pull away again. Possibly on a hill or from behind a stationary object. 
Test tips: - 
Always drive to the end of your test. Never give up just because you think you may have failed. You may be surprised at the end. 
Don’t worry if you make little mistakes. It’s how you get out of them or how you react that the examiner will be judging you on. 
Take your time on your manoeuvres. Adequate observations must be made throughout them. If you don’t do them correctly the first time then fix them. People who have been driving for 20 years don’t always park correctly first time. 
Don’t worry if you stall. We all occasionally stall. Most importantly RELAX!! 
Useful links on taking your driving test - DSA = Drving Standards Agency 
Show and tell questions - Opens up a PDF 
Driving eyesight requirements – opens a new page, links to DSA website 
The Highway Code - opens a new page, links to DSA website 
Book your THEORY Test or Practical Test by folowing this link to the DSA website 
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